We are leading distributors of hotdip galvanised fastners. Since our inception we have steadily grown to become the one stop solution for all hotdip galvanised needs. We stock wide range of sizes and offer technical support to our clients. We have a strong commitment towards excellence for our valued customers, offering wholesale pricing that ensures a good return on their investment. We cater to the power sector, telecom sector, wind and solar energy sector, railways, construction and infra sector, petrochemical, offshore mining and many such industries.

Power Sector


Solar Energy

As they lie stretched out soaking and baking in the sun’s rays, solar panel, racking systems, support structures and fasteners are constantly exposed to damaging uv rays. Many materials, such as paint or even concrete, require special care to maintain the integrity of the coating or structure under such circumstances. Many paints are sensitive to uv light and begin degrading as soon as exposed. Blistering and peeling paint causes under film corrosion of the steel, leaving it inadequately protected and open to corrosion. The zinc in the hot-dip galvanized coating is unaffected by uv light. Zinc oxide, one of the corrosion products created by the coating effectively blocks uva and uvb rays. Thus saving the structures, racking systems and fasteners from degrading and save lot of money.


Wind Energy

With Wind Energy Becoming Increasingly Popular, Worldwide Market Growth For The Alternative Energy Source Is Close To 25 Percent Per Year. Taking Advantage Of This Economically And Environmentally Friendly Growth In Market Presence, So The Industry Wished To Create A Durable Structure That Would Minimally Impact The Surrounding Environment. The Galvanized Coating Will Protect A Structure From Corrosive Conditions At A Molecular Level, As Well As Provide Strong Barrier Protection From Wind, Rain, SNow, And Sunlight. With A Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating Protecting The Structure From Unsightly And Destructive Rust, These Turbines Will Continue To Produce Environmentally-Friendly Renewable Energy For Generations.


Transmission and Distribution Line Tower

A transmission line tower is a tall structure usually a steel lattice tower used to support an overhead power line, from generating substation to the various substation located near populated areas. These towers are erected with the help of hot dip galvanized bolts and nuts which gives stability and increase the life ot the tower otherwise have eroded due to corrosion.


Substation and Powergrid

Substation is a part of an electric generation, transmission and distribution system, substation transform voltage from high to low or the reverse and perform any other important function. The substation consist of distribution transformers, circuit breakers, lightning arrester, insulators, earthling, power connector etc. With proper attention to the fastener assembly, using fasteners that do not rust or subject to corrosion. Once the fasteners are hot dip galvanized it remains corrosion free in almost in all atmosphere.

Telecom Sector

As the name suggest these are towers on which electric communication equipment’s and antenna are mounted allowing the surrounding area to use wireless devices like phone and radios. hot dip galvanized fasteners are used for the erection and strengthening of the tower. devices are also mounted and fastener using hot dip galvanized bolt, nuts and washers. Thus increasing the life expectancy many folds with lesser economic cost.


Hot dip galvanized fasteners are commonly used in railways and metro lines. These fasteners are used for a variety of different applications from platforms, stations, signaling and security systems. hot dip galvanized bolts nuts has a long connection with the railways and metro lines because of its many adds great value to the structures, long life, toughness, protects externally and internally and hot dip galvanizing is sustainable. Thus greatly lowering the environmental and economic cost.

Construction and Infarstructure

Worldwide it is an increasing tendency regarding the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in the construction and infrastructure field. hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanized fasteners can be a partner in this goals, because of the efficient corrosion protection that it provides to the reinforcement to increasing of structure life. hot dip galvanized foundation bolts are used in the construction of buildings, factories, warehouses, bridges, highways and flyovers


Petrochemical Industries Have Some Of The Most Aggressive, Hostile Environments For Steel And Metals. Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel And Fasteners Are Uniquely And Ideally Suited To Withstand The Constant Exposure And Abuse Of These Industries. Whether In Contact With Chemicals, Water, Oil, Or Other Corrosive Materials, Hot-Dip Galvanized Provides Maintenance-Free Corrosion Protection For Decades.

Offshore Mining

Offshore mining as names suggest dealing with sea water and corrosion. Corrosion and attrition of metal and its properties attack every components at every stage in the gas and oil fields, these lead to damage to structure, loss of business and even on site accidents. Thus making al the more necessary for hot dip galvanized fasteners application. These fasteners are used in water pipeline, gas pipeline. Platforms and steel structures.

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